one of the best breakfast burritos of all time
Nate's Korner probably has one of the best breakfast burritos of all time. I usually pass on the hashbrowns with breakfast burritos, but at Nate's Korner, it's a must.

Paul G.

always treated me like a member of their family
I've been coming to Nate's Korner for the last 10 years. Nate and his family have always treated me like a member of their family. I come in mainly for lunch, but rarely have ever come for breakfast...UNITL TODAY!

Adam S.


But seriously. Coming from Santa Barbara where a standard burrito 1/3 the size of a chipotle burrito is around $8-$10, I could cry tears of happiness with the burritos Nate's Korner has to offer. For $8, you get a burrito that is arguably bigger than a chipotle burrito stuffed with so much I would def recommend sharing with another person! (But I've heard they're amazing leftover too so just get one for yourself ;).) 

It's mainly the potatoes that blow you away. They're so crispy and wow my mouth is drooling just writing this. Get the three meat burrito you won't regret it! Or maybe you will if you're trying to eat healthy... 

Service is so so friendly! The lady who works the cash register is so nice and she's great at remaining calm with the crazy line that comes in during business lunch hours. 

I would want to try their sandwiches on their menu, seems like a lot of people were ordering that for their lunch! 

Seating is very limited, it's more of a Togo kinda place and, oh, the sign is SUPER faded. I don't know if they did this on purpose to really show people that they're a low key joint, but I guess they don't have to worry about fixing the sign since there's so many people who remain loyal customers.

Hannah C.

My burrito was huge, I mean HUGE!
This hidden gem was suggested by two of my Yelper friends, so it must be really good! A friend suggested that I order the Philly Cheese Steak Breakfast Burrito with Avocado and so I did! 
First of, I must have gotten lucky, my wait time for my food was less than 10 min. The ambiance was good and the staff was super nice! 
My burrito was huge, I mean HUGE! definitely great portion and for the price.
It was the best breakfast burrito that I've ever had, I'm not kidding. My first bite was amazing, from the flavor, texture and the after taste. My first thought was mmm good and what was that crunchy texture? It was the hash brown that was cooked to perfection, crispy as it should be. OMG. When I got to my 3rd bite it was the egg yolk and breaking all over the inside the burrito, which totally hit the spot! Total foodgasmic. :)

Devorah R.

the burritos are humongous!
This is a quick hole in the wall place that everyone should go to!  It's right by my place and wanted something to eat after a day of cleaning.  It's literally on a corner and the sign is quite faded.  They do have another side walk sign, but.....just follow your gps.  So many choices, I didn't know what to get!  They have quite the variety and unique varieties to that matter. 

I have seen all the pictures that other yelpers have posted, the burritos are humongous!  I definitely couldn't finish it, nor didn't I want to put that many calories in me, hehe.  i decided on the pastrami breakfast sandwich with squaw bread, but I accidentally didn't say "breakfast", so they gave me the regular pastrami sandwich.  I didn't mind at all because it was delicious.  I brought it home and ate the whole sandwich in a few minutes, hehe.  

Definitely go there for some great sandwiches and burritos, even though I haven't tried it.  The tiny plaza have decent parking and there are seats inside and outside if you want to eat there.

Lisa V.

The breakfast burrito... oh how I love thee
What can be better than meat, eggs, potatoes, jalapeños, all wrapped up in a tortilla? The breakfast burrito... oh how I love thee. 

And on one of those days where I sit and scour Yelp for good places to eat, I came across Nate's Korner, who is famous for? You guessed it, breakfast burritos. 

First impressions: I was super sad. I pulled up to the korner ;) and waited at the light. But when I looked, the sign for Nate's was all faded, as if they us closed. I double, triple checked Yelp to see if there was any note about this place closing. But to my great fortune, it was alive and well. 2pm in the afternoon, and there was still a line. 

The place is small, a typical small deli looking place with a few tables on the side. It's not the cleanest looking place, so maybe not a first date kind of spot. Or if she's down, she's a keeper! 

Now for the important stuff: the food. This may be one of the best breakfast burritos I've had. It's filled with this crispy fried shoestring potato, large pieces of steak (or whatever meat you choose), grilled jalapeños (if you order it spicy), and this thin onion grill with some kind of hot sauce. The best nuance that separates this burrito: the fried egg. That's right. Not scrambled. He egg is this fried to over-medium perfection so that you still get some of that runny yolk mixed in there. It's wrapped in this chewy tortilla that is the perfect vessel for this behemoth. And this thing is big... like bigger than chipotle burrito big. 

A short opinion on size, my dear Yelp friends. Most places if they get the taste right, there just isn't enough of it. If you get the size right however, the flavors can get very monotonous by the end. To achieve the perfect balance of size and flavor, of quantity and quality, my good friends, is one of artistry, nay, mastery. And Nate's has mastered it. 

The only thing I would say that would enhance this burrito is that since there's such a large portion of thin, fried potatoes, a bit more sauce would be helpful to bring it all together. But even without, this is one worth going for. 

Kome one, kome all! Kome be a kool kid at Nate's Korner!

Joshua K.

Their breakfast burritos are huge and packed!!
Get ready to eat your fill for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their breakfast burritos are huge and packed!! 

I got the Nate's favorite, and my bf got the pastrami breakfast burrito. Completely different in taste. COMPLETELY. Nate's favorite is stuffed full of everything they found in their kitchen and taste more like lunch than breakfast. They have peppers, hash browns, eggs, an assortment of meat, definitely has the mexican feel to it. Also, it's spicey so if you don't like spicey stuff than be careful how much extra tapatio sauce you add! Now, the pastrami burrito is, according to my bf, the best pastrami burrito he's ever had. You get the runny-ness of the eggs, the crispy-ness of the hash browns, and the salty-ness of the pastrami. The pastrami comes in thick slabs so it reallyyyyy fills you up...

Don't be fooled by the look of the place. Not exactly the cleanest, and they don't even have a real sign outside the building - they have a super faded banner instead....are they even real place?!  But, the food is solid and worth it.

Olivia L.

I stumbled upon this place when I stayed the night in Costa Mesa this past weekend. My cousin had been in before and said whenever he is in the area, he has to go in and support this spot. 

This is a mom and pop deli operation. The staff was very friendly and helpful and we were confident we got an assortment of stuff to try. 

Hands down BEST FRIES EVER. I could not stop eating them. You can taste how freshly made they are. I told them it reminded me of the fresh fried potatoes my grandma used to make for me as a kid. So good!  If you are debating on whether or not to get them... GET THEM! 

Sabrina K.

the best breakfast burritos in OC
Nate's is a hole in the wall, with only four tables inside, but don't let looks fool you. This place seriously serves the best breakfast burritos in OC. Maybe some of the best in Southern California.Nate's is so good that celebrities like Jessica Alba eat here, and however healthy the culture is in the OC, it is completely surpassed by the rich flavors of Nate's cuisine.

If you come to Nate's, please, for the love of Nate fans everywhere, order the breakfast burrito. The secret is that Nate's wraps your delicious eggs and meats with with crispy hashbrowns. Crispy, delicious, perfectly cooked hashbrowns!

Merichelle V.

extremely tasty
Really hearty food and extremely tasty. Definitely worth a try if you're in the area. the hash browns are nice and crispy and have a really good texture. I really enjoyed their breakfast burritos. There pastrami breakfast sandwich is pretty good too! I'd recommend going with another person so you can share 1/2 and 1/2 so you can try multiple things without weighing yourself down!

Alex P.

First visit and it was love (for food) at first sight!!
Omg. SO thankful my brother introduced me to this place a couple weeks ago. First visit and it was love (for food) at first sight!! I had the Original Italian and the Philly (1/2 1/2 thanks to my brother :). Both were super scrumptious! I mean places like this just don't exist anymore. Family owned with family love and a warm feel to the joint every time. 

This is my second visit and I brought a friend to share the joy of amazing food and subs. Terri who was a True Sweetheart the first time I came here was just as sweet this time and the places was packed. Despite how busy she was she was just as sweet if not sweeter and she remembered my name which was truly remarkable because it's not an easy one to remember by any means. 

Shadi A.

Crispy potatoes are the best!!!
Another Sunday burrito after the kids private workout.. Finish it off with a Two Meat Burrito.. The best.. Crispy potatoes are the best!!!

Frank G.

One of the best breakfast burritos I've had
Small whole in the wall breakfast spot! One of the best breakfast burritos I've had. We ordered the chorizo spicy burrito.

Chris K.