We are now a cashless establishment and do not accept cash.


Every bite releases a liquid gold lava flow action of runny egg yolk blanketing the rest of our over-stuffed breakfast burritos. 

Quantity AND Quality

Because it shouldn’t be unreasonable to have both top quality and large portions without breaking your wallet.

Detroit Raised But California Influenced

Sandwiches with large Detroit attitudes & fresh California flare, just like Nate himself. 


Don't be fooled. They're made fresh daily by Nate himself.

People love us on yelp!

And we love and appreciate our Yelpers even more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your 5-star reviews & photos every day! 


So gargantuous even a sasquatch family can't finish it all!


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Shadi A.

First visit and it was love (for food) at first sight!! Omg. SO thankful my brother introduced me to this place a couple weeks ago. First visit and it was love ...

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Adam S.

always treated me like a member of their family I've been coming to Nate's Korner for the last 10 years. Nate and his family have always treated me like...

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Paul G.

one of the best breakfast burritos of all time Nate's Korner probably has one of the best breakfast burritos of all time. I usually pass on the hashbrowns ...

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Nate's Story

Nate developed an appreciation for good food and great service while growing up in Detroit. He was raised in a large family that bonded over meals. While working at GM, Nate and his assembly line co-workers would settle for small-portioned, low quality fast food during their lunches. This memory fueled Nate's dream of opening up his own restaurant. Combining his love for quality food and his appreciation for the hungry blue collar working person, Nate realized his goal of opening a sandwich shop that included the working man/woman's sandwich: a well-portioned, top quality meal, that would be easy on the wallet. His belief is that with the right combination of quality lean meats and cheeses, the sandwich would speak for itself. Everyone at Nate's Korner takes just as much pride in our top quality meats, cheeses, and produce as we do with our friendly service. After being in business for over twenty-six years, our regulars are now a part of our large extended family.